Team Newsletter Highlights Spectrum Technologies Simultaneous Multi-Axis Testing!

Team Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of multi-axis shakers and systems, highlights the capabilities of Spectrum Technologies. Spectrum has numerous systems capable of simultaneous multi-axis testing including a Team Cube, a servo hydraulic 6 degree of freedom setup; and a Tensor a 3 axis (X-Y-Z) electrodynamic test rig.

Team notes that Spectrum is able to realistically duplicate their customer's simultaneous vibration environment for Sine, Random or Time Waveform Replication. This is a much more accurate test allowing Spectrum to duplicate the same failure in the test lab as seen on the test track.

Whether it’s a front end module, bumper, gas tank, heat exchanger, transmission or the complete shipping container, Spectrum Technologies is able to accurately duplicate the components vibration environment allowing the manufacturer to build higher quality products, reduce cost and warranty problems. These tests can run anywhere from 30 – 500 hours (24/7) of continuous testing....and with Multi-Axis testing, the test time is greatly reduced compared to multiple single-axis tests resulting in lower test costs and quicker time-to-market.

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New MIL-STD-810G Test Method Offers Multi-Axis Shaking

From ERI News, this interesting and informative article by Wayne Tustin discusses revision "G" of MIL-STD-810 that offers a new Multi-Exciter Test Method 527, MEMA (Multi-Exciter Multi-Axis).

Spectrum Technologies provided a picture of our Three-axis ED shaker for this article.

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Multi-Axis Vibration Reduces Test Time

"Multi-Axis Vibration Reduces Test Time" is the title of this informative article published in Evaluation Engineering Magazine.

Read this article yourself, and see why Spectrum Technologies is a leader in multi-axis testing.

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